Care Guide for Garden Statues & Sculptures

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Garden statues are a popular item for home owners to add beauty and function to their yards. However, like any other piece of garden equipment, the care and maintenance of a garden statue is important. In this guide, we'll cover the basics of caring for a garden statue, from cleaning to proper placement in your yard.

What type of garden statue should I buy?

Garden statues come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be a bit daunting to choose the right one for your garden. When choosing a garden statue, it is important to consider the size of the statue and the location where it will be placed. Some statues are meant to be placed in the middle of a garden while others are smaller and meant to stand out among other plants.

If you're looking for a classic garden statue to add to your yard, we recommend purchasing an abstract piece. These statues typically feature geometric shapes or animals in different poses, and they look great alongside traditional flowers and plants. If you're more interested in contemporary garden statues, we suggest checking out pieces that feature water droplets or oscillating light.

Whatever type of garden statue you choose, be sure to give it a thorough inspection before making your purchase. You may also want to consider buying a replacement part, such as a base or arm, in case it wears out over time.

How do I care for a garden statue?

Garden statues are a beautiful addition to any garden, but they can be delicate. Follow these tips to make sure your statue stays in good condition:

  1. Clean the statue regularly. Remove dirt, leaves, and debris with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Protect the statue from direct sunlight and wind by covering it with a cloth or blanket when not in use.
  3. Do not leave the statue in high temperatures or cold temperatures for extended periods of time.
  4. Do not over-water the statue or allow water to accumulate on the surface of the garden sculpture.
  5. If the statue begins to show signs of wear or damage, such as cracks, replace it with a new one.
  6. Keep the statue away from children, who might be tempted to play with it.
  7. Store the statue in a dry place when not in use.
  8. If the statue needs to be cleaned, use a mild soap and warm water. Do not use harsh chemicals or polishing agents.
  9. If the statue needs to be replaced, be sure to select one that is of the same size, style, and material as the original.
  10. Enjoy your beautiful garden statue!

Cleaning garden statues

Whether your garden statue is made of stone, plastic, or metal, it needs care to look its best. Keep your statue clean by regularly cleaning the areas around it with a garden hose. If dirt, leaves, or other debris accumulates, use a brush to remove it.

If your statue gets wet, dry it off as quickly as possible and place it in a place where it won't be exposed to the elements. Don't leave it in direct sunlight or near any heat sources, which could cause deterioration.

Once a month, apply a protective coating to your statue using an outdoor paint or sealant. This will help to prevent water damage and also protect the paint from fading or chipping.

Finally, keep your statue tidy by removing any debris that accumulates. This will help to keep the statue looking its best and prevent damage from occurring.

Prevent garden statues from fading

Garden statues are often viewed as beautiful decorations, but they can also be a source of frustration if they start to fade. By following these simple tips, you can keep your garden statues looking their best for years to come.

  1. Keep them dry: A wet statue will quickly fade. Make sure to water your statue sparingly and only when the soil feels dry.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight: The sun's UV rays can cause your statue to fade over time. Instead, place it in an area where it'll get indirect sunlight.
  3. Protect them from rain: If it starts raining heavily, your statue will eventually get wet and will start to fade. Try to shelter it from the rain with a roof or awning.
  4. Keep them clean: Dirty statues will also start to fade. Clean them every month or so with a mild soap and water mixture. Be careful not to get water on the paintwork!


Thank you for reading our care guide for garden statues! We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you will take the necessary precautions to keep your garden statues in good condition. In addition to keeping your garden statue clean, it is also important to take care of the base and arm that come with most statues. If a part begins to wear out, be sure to replace it with the same model or style. Finally, remember to enjoy your beautiful garden sculptures!

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  • What stuck out to me the most was when you said that a wet statue would quickly fade, so it must be kept dry. My sister mentioned the other day over a snack date that she is planning to shop for military statues to honor her late husband next week. She wants to ensure that she can keep them damage-free for a long time, so your tips are helpful.

    Shammy Peterson on
  • I want to beautify the backyard garden in my home in Valdosta, so I was thinking of getting garden statues set up there to complement the area well. I appreciate your advice when you told us to keep the statues in good condition by cleaning them regularly and keeping them away from direct sunlight when not in use. I’ll be sure to remember this while I look for where I can buy concrete statues in Valdosta soon to place in my home garden.

    Clare Martin on

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