Creating a zen garden using a Buddha statue

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In times like today, mindfulness and finding your sanctuary are essential. The sheer amount of noise around us, whether it is from social media or our surroundings, can be distracting. We often lose a sense of purpose when faced with chaos. It is important to remember to tune out. But when we are faced with an overwhelming amount of noise, where do we go to tune out? Sometimes our own homes can become overburdening. 

That is why creating your garden, a zen garden, to be precise, is essential. But how does one go about it? Where can you start? And what can you include in your zen garden? Lots of things - a Buddha statue, a water fountain, rocks, and gravel, the list is long and to help you, we have covered all of it below. 

Why is a zen garden essential?

Firstly, we need to address what a zen garden is. A zen garden is a place with minimal plants, rocks, stones, gravel, sand, and wood. It is where the core philosophy of a space where there is minimal life and where you can sit down and contemplate.  

When you want to unwind after a long hard day of work, you want to sit in a sanctuary of peace and solace. A zen garden is a perfect place for that. With elements like a Buddha statue, lanterns, and tiny pagodas you are looking to create an atmosphere that is nothing but tranquil. 

What can you put in a zen garden?

So you are wondering what you can include in your zen garden. For starters, you can remove most plants. A zen garden is about stripping down to the bare bones. Earth, stones, rocks, and gravel are ideal for a zen garden. A fountain, lanterns, and pagodas are good additions. If you are going to use the garden for prayer and meditation, including a Buddha statue is the most important step. A zen garden is ideally designed to be a place where you can contemplate the teachings of Buddhism. A statue in the midst will only help you channel your energy and focus on being present.  

Where can you find the right decor for a zen garden? 

There are many places where you can pick up the right pieces but if you are looking for specific designs and elements, head on over to Royal Garden Center. Our wide variety of Buddha statues, lanterns, pagodas, and water fountains are the perfect additions to your zen garden. 

What’s more, there are tons of other items that can be worthy additions and if you want something specific, we can arrange that too! 


So, you are now well aware of what to include in your zen garden. Make haste and come to Royal Garden Center where you can find the right decor and elements that suit your zen garden. What’s more, we have an incredible array of Buddha statues that will suit any garden style. 

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  • Interesting read! It’s always been my dream to have a zen garden to help me meditate and maintain a positive mindset every day, Since, I don’t have the space yet, I’m planning to buy Buddha wall art online on this site for the meantime. What’s the best location would you suggest me to hang it?

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