Where Should a Garden Statue be Placed?

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Looks like you are thinking about a garden. Do you want to turn your yard into an escape? A paradise where you can grow beautiful plants? Or do you want to turn into a place of calm and zen? 

Whatever is in your mind, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will help you decide what type of garden will suit your home, and more than that, we will also help you figure out the placement for a garden statue, the most essential piece of decor for any garden.  

Gardens in modern homes

Before we kick things off, it is important to note that most modern homes have some balcony, terrace, or yard that is ideal for a garden. No matter the size of the space, you can make a garden.

So, what do you include in a garden? Well, if you are thinking about more airy and calm spaces like zen gardens, plants are not needed. But if you want something more natural, plants will be key. Regardless of what option you prefer, there is one decorative item that must be in a garden, that is a statue, a garden statue. 

Why should you decorate your garden?

To enhance the look and feel, of course! A garden is very bare-bones if you don’t include decorative items such as a garden statue.  The right piece can not only set the tone but also create a unique feel. There is a wide range of garden statues that can fit any garden style. You can also look for rare pieces that will bring your space to life.    

Where should you place garden statues?

If you are looking at a big piece, the best place is in the middle. It looks prominent and it will be the center of attraction. If you want more than one piece in your garden, you should place it in the corners. Better yet, you should consult a feng-shui practitioner for the optimal spots. Even if you are confused, always remember that a garden statue can be placed anywhere, it is your garden, your space.     

Where can you get the right decor? 

The most important part, where can you find good garden statues? The answer is relatively simple, you will find a statue or decorative piece in most home furnishing stores. But if you want something that is more authentic and spacious, you need to go to a dedicated boutique. Spaces such as the Royal Garden Centre have a wide array of options. They have statues, fountains, and even uniquely designed furniture that will fit right in your garden. 


Now that you know why you should get a statue, where to place it, and where to get it from, you are well on your way to creating a space for yourself. Garden statues can help enhance the look and feel of a space, so make haste and come to Royal Garden Centre where you can find the right decor and garden statues for your precious space. What’s more, we have an incredible array of garden statues that will suit any garden style. 

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