Low Conical Fiberglass Box Pot Espresso Set of 4

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Square Low Conical Fiberglass Pots

The "Low Conical Fiberglass Pot Box Trend Espresso" sounds like a sleek and modern choice for your gardening or decorative needs. The "Low Conical" design suggests a pot that is wider at the top and gradually narrows towards the bottom, creating a conical or tapered shape that sits closer to the ground. This shape can offer a contemporary and eye-catching look to your space. Made of fiberglass, this pot is likely to be lightweight yet durable, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fiberglass is known for its weather-resistant properties, ensuring that your pot can withstand various environmental conditions without deteriorating. The "Trend Espresso" designation likely refers to the color and finish of the pot. "Espresso" typically denotes a deep, rich brown color, reminiscent of the popular coffee beverage. This color choice can add warmth and sophistication to your decor, complementing a wide range of interior and exterior design styles.

Fiberglass is stronger than many other materials, such as wood and plastic, making it ideal for applications that require a high degree of strength and durability. Despite its strength, fiberglass is relatively lightweight, making it easier to handle and transport. Fiberglass is relatively easy to maintain and does not require frequent repairs or upkeep.

Contemporary Design: With its combination of clean lines, rich color, and durable construction, the Round Ceramic Pot Bremen Ochre epitomizes contemporary design principles while offering practicality and visual appeal for your botanical displays.

Dimension ( Length x Height )

6258• 91cm x 27cm
6259• 76cm x 21cm
6260• 61cm x 18cm
6261• 15cm x 46cm

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