Farola Lamp Ebano 133cm Height

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Farola Lamp Post Concrete

This lamp, standing at a height of 133 cm, combines functional elegance with a sophisticated design. The lamp post features Ebano, adding a touch of charm to your outdoor spaces.


The Garden Lamp is a perfect blend of form and function, crafted with meticulous detail that combines timeless elegance with modern design. Serving as a striking focal point in your garden or pathway, it enhances the overall ambiance with its inviting glow.


Asian design lanterns and lamps seamlessly blend heritage with contemporary elegance. Crafted with clean lines and intricate motifs, these fixtures embody Asian aesthetics, reflecting timeless principles. This type of lantern and lamp illuminates spaces with captivating, artistic expressions of Asian style.


A concrete material combines strength with contemporary elegance. The raw, tactile surface signifies authenticity and serves as a versatile canvas for various applications. Explore the resilience and modern aesthetic of our concrete, where form meets function in a compelling blend of durability and style.


  •  Height - 133cm

Made in Spain

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