Buddha Head Relief Water Feature Cast Stone 155cm Height P WG REBH02

Buddha Head Relief Water Spout Cast Stone 155cm Height

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Buddha Head Relief Water Feature Cast Stone 155cm Height P WG REBH02

This water spout is a captivating cast stone sculpture that combines spiritual elegance with functional design. Featuring a relief of the serene Buddha head, it adds a touch of tranquility and artistic charm to your outdoor space.


The Buddha Spout is a serene water feature that adds tranquility to your outdoor space. This spout features a relief of the revered Buddha, infusing your garden or patio with spiritual and artistic allure.


The Asian water spout design harmoniously blends tradition and elegance in your outdoor space. Featuring clean lines, intricate motifs, and a balanced form, it's a captivating choice for those seeking a serene and sophisticated outdoor accent.


Cast stone material is a testament to the artistry of craftsmanship. Meticulously cast to perfection, it replicates the elegance and texture of natural stone. Each piece boasts a refined finish, showcasing intricate details and a sophisticated surface that exudes classic charm.x`

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

  • 105cm x 35cm x 155cm

Made in Indonesia

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