Sumeda Arelequin Buddha Sitting Fountain Siena

Sumeda Arelequin Buddha Sitting Fountain Siena

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Sumeda Arelequin Buddha Sitting Fountain ( Made of Concrete )

The "Sumeda Arlequin Buddha" Fountain is a type of water feature that is inspired by the traditional Buddhist symbol of the Buddha head and features a colorful, eye-catching design.

Budhha Fountain: They are a type of outdoor fountain that features a Buddha statue or image as the centerpiece. These fountains are often designed to evoke a sense of peace, tranquility, and spirituality, and are popular among those who practice Buddhism or simply appreciate its teachings.

Contemporary Designs: They have a significant impact on your garden or outdoor spaces by creating a modern, stylish, and cohesive outdoor living space providing a comfortable and inviting place to relax and entertain guests.  It is also typically designed to be durable and weather-resistant. This means that you can enjoy your outdoor living space year-round, even during inclement weather.

Concrete: These Products are perfect for outdoors in the UAE as they are built to last and withstand the elements, they are extremely durable, long lasting and are weather resistant. No matter the amount of sun, sand and weathering this piece is sure to liven up your living spaces for years to come. 

Dimensions (LxWxH):

105cm x 81cm x 130cm

 Made in Spain

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