Dreamcatcher with rattan ring and feathers

Dreamcatcher with rattan ring and feathers 30 cm diameter

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 dreamcatcher with wooden pearls 22cm diameter DC TREEOL01 022WHNA

A "dreamcatcher with rattan ring and feathers" is a decorative item that is designed to catch bad dreams and promote good ones. It is made with a circular frame made of rattan or other similar materials, with a woven pattern in the center that resembles a spiderweb. The dreamcatcher is often decorated with feathers, beads, and other decorative items that hang from the bottom of the frame. The traditional belief is that the good dreams pass through the center of the web and slide down the feathers to the sleeper, while the bad dreams become trapped in the web and evaporate with the morning sun. Dreamcatchers are often associated with Native American cultures and traditions, but they have become a popular decorative item worldwide.

Rattan: Rattan is a type of climbing plant that is native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australasia. It is a vine-like plant that grows in forests and can reach lengths of up to 100 meters. The stems of the rattan plant are used to make furniture, baskets, and other decorative items.Rattan is a durable and flexible material that is often used in the production of furniture and home decor. It is lightweight and has a natural, organic texture that adds warmth and character to any space. Rattan furniture can come in a range of styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary.

Electric Design: is a style that draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, combining elements from different periods, cultures, and aesthetics to create a unique and visually engaging look. It is a fusion of various design styles, often characterized by the juxtaposition of contrasting elements. 

Dreamcatcher:This dreamcatcher starts with a circular hoop, traditionally made from a flexible material like willow wood. The hoop represents the circle of life and unity. Modern dreamcatchers may also use metal, plastic, or other materials for the hoop.
Extending from the hoop is a woven web, resembling a spider's web. The web is crafted using a strong thread or cord, traditionally made from sinew or plant fibers. The web is woven in a symmetrical pattern with a hole left in the center. This hole is believed to allow good dreams to pass through while capturing bad dreams and nightmares.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

  • 100cm x 30cm

Made in Indonesia

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