GA3016633 Angled Crucible Fibercement Natural Cement Pot Height 70cm Diameter 54cm

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Angled Fibercement Crucible Natural Cement


The fibercement material may provide a balance of heat resistance and durability, making these pots suitable for a range of applications.


Angled Designed Pots: The angled design of these crucible pots may serve a specific purpose or provide advantages in handling molten materials, pouring, or other processes. The angled shape could enhance the ease of use during certain industrial applications, such as pouring molten metal or casting materials.


Contemporary Design: The crucible features a contemporary design characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and possibly innovative shapes. The angled design might introduce a modern twist, providing both functionality and a visually appealing form.
Functional Angles: The angles in the design may serve a dual purpose, enhancing the pot's functionality for specific applications and contributing to its modern appearance


Fibercement is a composite material made of cement and cellulose fibers, offering a combination of structural integrity and resistance to elements.
Properties: Fiber cement is known for its fire resistance, water resistance, and overall durability.


Dimensions (Diameter x Height)

  • XL: 54cm x 70cm

Made in China

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