Indoor Stand Light 185cm Height

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Indoor Stand

This lamp features a sturdy base that ensures stability, allowing it to stand tall with confidence. The height of 185cm makes it an ideal choice for creating a statement piece in larger rooms or for adding vertical interest to your decor.


The Indoor Light Stand is a versatile lighting solution for interiors, seamlessly complementing various decor styles with its sleek design. Illuminate your home with this contemporary and functional light stand, adding ambiance and visual appeal to any room.


Contemporary design lanterns and lamps redefine modern illumination with sleek aesthetics, cutting-edge style, and innovative materials. This type of design integrates into modern spaces with clean lines and a minimalist approach.


A metal material embodies durability and versatility. Its sleek, lustrous surface imparts a contemporary edge to any design. Whether used in furniture, decor, or architectural elements, metal introduces a touch of modern sophistication. 

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