Japanese Lantern Red 45cm Height

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Japanese Lantern Red 

 The Japanese Lantern Red is a stunning decorative item with a height of 45cm. It embodies the traditional and elegant design often associated with Japanese culture. Crafted with attention to detail, it showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and artistry that Japan is known for. The lantern features a vibrant red color, which symbolizes luck, celebration, and joy in Japanese culture. The bold red hue adds a striking visual element, making it a captivating centerpiece in any setting.


Lantern: is a captivating blend of traditional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Japan, it showcases the distinct style and exquisite details that are synonymous with Japanese design.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the lantern is made from high-quality materials such as wood, paper, and metal. The frame is expertly constructed from sturdy wood, ensuring durability while maintaining an authentic aesthetic.

Asian design: is characterized by its emphasis on simplicity, harmony, balance, and a deep connection to nature. It often incorporates natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, stone, and paper, and embraces minimalist and uncluttered spaces. Asian design also frequently integrates symbolism and meaningful motifs, drawing from cultural and spiritual traditions. It places importance on craftsmanship, intricate details, and the use of traditional techniques.

Fabric: refers to a flexible material made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers together. It is used in the production of clothing, accessories, household goods, and many other applications. Fabrics are typically composed of natural fibers 


Dimensions ( H x D )

• 45cm x 25cm

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