PFP1222 Round Ceramic Tray White Color Diameter 25cm

PFP1222 Round Ceramic Tray White Color Diameter 25cm

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Round Ceramic Tray

This 25cm tray in white color seamlessly combines functionality with a clean and timeless aesthetic. It is ideal for serving and displaying items, and its white color adds a touch of classic elegance to your table setting.


A pot tray is a shallow container designed to be placed under plant pots. Its main purpose is to catch excess water that drains from the pot during watering, preventing damage to surfaces and floors.


A contemporary design pot tray offers a modern and stylish solution for plant care. This tray, with sleek lines and clean aesthetics, is crafted to complement modern interiors


Ceramic pot trays are made from durable clays like earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain, fired at high temperatures. Glazes, applied before firing, add color and a protective finish. The chosen clay and glaze impact the appearance and texture, creating a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option for plant care.

Dimensions: Diameter

 S: 25cm

Made in Indonesia.

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