Round Terracotta Saucer 46cm

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Round Tray Terracotta

Terracotta round trays often embody a rustic or bohemian style, contributing to a natural and organic ambiance in a space. The simplicity of the design and the material itself make it a versatile accessory in various decor schemes.


A round saucer is a shallow, circular dish designed to be placed beneath a plant pot. Its primary function is to catch any excess water that drains from the pot during watering, preventing potential damage to surfaces and floors.


The design of classical pot trays is characterized by a refined and timeless aesthetic. It may feature intricate patterns, ornate detailing, or classical motifs inspired by historical art and architecture. Common design elements include scrolls, floral patterns, and symmetrical arrangements.


Clay is a natural, fine-grained soil or sedimentary rock that is composed of minerals, organic materials, and water. It has been widely used by humans for various purposes, ranging from pottery and construction to art and agriculture.


  • D :46cm

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