Square Ceramic Tray Blue

120923 Square Ceramic Tray Blue Color Length 39cm

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Square Ceramic Tray Blue

A 39cm square ceramic tray in serene blue is a stylish and practical choice for serving appetizers or as a sleek decor accent. Its smooth surface adds a modern touch to your table setting, making it perfect for any occasion.


A square saucer is a shallow dish placed under a plant pot to catch excess water during watering, preventing damage to surfaces. It complements square or rectangular pots, enhancing the overall organization and cleanliness of the gardening area.


The contemporary square saucer offers a stylish and modern plant care solution, designed with clean lines to complement modern interiors. Its functionality extends beyond catching excess water, seamlessly blending with modern decor for a practical touch.


Ceramic saucers are typically made from clay that has been fired at high temperatures. The clay used for ceramics can vary, and common types include earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain. The firing process gives the ceramic saucer its durability and strength.


  • L:39

Made in Vietnam

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