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A "Square Plastic Umbrella Base" in a dark brown Color is a piece of equipment that is used to secure an outdoor umbrella in place. It is typically made of durable plastic and designed to hold the umbrella pole firmly and prevent it from tipping over due to wind or other weather conditions.

Square Base Umbrella: The base is usually square in shape and can vary in size and weight depending on the size of the umbrella it is meant to support. It may also come with an adjustable collar that can accommodate different sizes of umbrella poles. Some models may have wheels or handles for easier transportation and placement.To use a square plastic umbrella base, simply place it on a level surface and insert the umbrella pole into the center hole. Then, tighten the collar around the pole to secure it in place. The base will keep the umbrella upright and stable, even in windy conditions.

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Dimensions(Lengthx Width x Height)

  • 39cm x 39cm x 13cm

Made in Poland

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