Wetlands Flowers Birdbath

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Cast Stone Wetlands Flowers Birdbath

A wetland is a unique ecosystem characterized by the presence of water, either permanently or seasonally. It is an area where the soil is saturated with water, creating a habitat that is different from both land and open water environments. Wetlands are known for their diverse plant and animal life, making them important ecological hotspots.
When it comes to flowers in wetlands, they can vary depending on the specific wetland type and geographical location. Wetland flowers are typically adapted to thrive in moist or waterlogged conditions

A birdbath is a decorative and functional garden feature specifically designed to provide a water source for birds. It typically consists of a basin or bowl-shaped structure that holds water and is supported by a pedestal or stand.
The basin of a birdbath is usually shallow to allow birds to safely access the water. It may have a textured or grooved surface to provide traction for the birds while bathing or drinking. The size of the basin can vary, but it is typically wide enough to accommodate multiple birds at once. Some birdbaths also include decorative elements such as scalloped edges, etched designs, or sculptural details to enhance their aesthetic appeal


Contemporary Design: refers to the style of interior and product design that is popular and in vogue at the present time. It is characterized by its simplicity, clean lines, and a focus on function and practicality over ornate decoration.
Contemporary design is often associated with minimalist aesthetics, with a focus on creating spaces that are uncluttered and spacious.


Cast Stone is a type of concrete material that is designed to resemble natural stone.  It is durable, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.



Dimensions (Diameter x Height)

  • 25cm x 64cm

Made in the USA

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