Bamboo Asian Spout 75cm Height

Bamboo Asian Spout 75cm Height

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This spout, standing at 75cm in height, is a captivating water feature that embodies the essence of Asian design. Showcasing the natural appeal of bamboo, it creates a seamless fusion of organic beauty and functional elegance.


The Asian Spout harmoniously enhances your outdoor space with cultural elegance. Featuring clean lines and intricate motifs, it embodies the essence of Asian aesthetics, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.


The classical water spout design is a timeless and elegant addition to your outdoor space. Drawing from classical aesthetics, it showcases graceful curves, intricate patterns, and a refined form—perfect for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden, patio, or pool area.


Bamboo embodies nature's versatility and strength, showcasing distinctive grain and texture in each piece. Known for its eco-friendly qualities as a renewable resource, bamboo adds organic warmth to any application.

Dimension: ( Length x Width x Height )

 40cm x 5cm x 75cm

Made in Indonesia


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